Odd looks are in the cards for divas

Some of my chums had unusual childhoods. Take Rottweila Beadle, whose dear mama told her that “leaf peeping” referred to having one’s fortune told at a tea room.

Every year, while neighbors hit the road in search of fiery maples and vivid aspens, Rottie and her family did a tea leaf reading crawl around town.

“Friends at school would talk about having fresh cider donuts,” she sniffed, “And all I could say was that I faced obstacles and travel by water.”

Still, a savvy seer saw Rottie’s papa striking it rich in kale futures, but not his later conviction on embezzlement charges.

“Oddly enough,” said Rottie, “his prison cell looks out on some lovely copper beeches.”

Nothing could have predicted the frights caught in this week’s red carpet and runway stakeout.

Let me peruse this Amaretto Tea, and I’ll file my report:


Amber Stevens West’s rocking some seriously shiny, seriously exhausted 
 pillow shams.


Brianna Hildebrand models the femme fatale starter set — not quite a two-piece, not quite risque, but getting there.


I, too, prefer to have my coats pre-pigeoned, to discourage overly forward avian inter­actions on the street.


When it comes to statement dressing, it’s good that someone thought of the comma.


2 oz. amaretto

6 oz. tea

Whipped cream

Pour hot tea into an Irish coffee glass. Add the amaretto slowly, without stirring, and top with chilled whipped cream. Serve quickly.

— drinknation.com

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