Olathe Planning Commission sends contentious plan for new subdivision to City Co…

Despite the concerns of nearby residents and even some city staff, the Olathe Planning Commission on Monday night recommended approval of a 97-lot subdivision adjacent to Woodland Road in north Olathe.

Commissioners voted 5-1 to send the proposal to the City Council for a final vote on Dec. 5.

Developer Greg Prieb of Prieb Homes has requested rezoning 34.6 acres north and east of Woodland Elementary School for the single-family subdivision, called Woodland Hills. The neighborhood would access Woodland Road by tying into 115th Terrace to the north and 116th Terrace to the south.

Representatives for the developer told commissioners that the project met the requirements of the Woodland Road Corridor Plan, a city-drafted set of guidelines for development in the area that designates most of the surrounding property for single-family development.

In particular, the plan calls for residential density of up to three units per acre. Woodland Hills would have 2.8 units per acre.

City planning staff, however, said the corridor plan was outdated, having been last revised in 2004. Since then, they said, traffic has continued to grow on Woodland Road with severe congestion in the mornings, particularly around 115th Terrace and 119th Street.

City planner Dan Fernandez said if the surrounding vacant land was allowed to be developed to three units per acre, the traffic would only get worse. He recommended limiting…

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