Patriots notebook: Tom Brady hopes team brings winning attitude to New Orleans

FOXBORO — Tom Brady sounds about as curious as everyone else.

The Patriots can say all the right things, practice the right way and have the best intentions all week as they prepare to win their first game of the season Sunday against the Saints.

The only thing that will matter is their performance in the game.

“We’ll see,” Brady said. “Sunday is the important day.”

Shortly after losing to the Chiefs, 42-27, Brady called out the Patriots’ lack of a winning attitude. It was surprising because he brought it up unsolicited and then expounded when further pressed.

And yesterday, when asked if their attitude is in the right place this week, Brady merely responded, “I hope so.”

That’s how Brady typically answers questions about the Patriots’ readiness for an upcoming game, so this shouldn’t be viewed as a code-red situation. Plus, Brady doesn’t need to reward anyone for a positive attitude on a Wednesday, just like the Patriots don’t earn any credit for playing three quarters against the Chiefs.

They didn’t finish in the opener. They absolutely must finish this week of preparation and again during the game.

“Obviously, what we did the other night is not good enough by any means, in any particular phase of the game, at any position,” Brady said. “When you get out-scored by 21 points or out-gained by 200 yards in the fourth quarter, there’s a lot of things that need adjusting. Hopefully, we can identify those things as quickly as possible and gain confidence in what we’re doing, so we can go out there and execute well and play well against a very good team.

“This team isn’t going to make it easy on us. We have to go earn it, just like the last team. There’s not a bunch of easy plays out there. There’s no magic play you can call. You’ve just got to make no excuse and go make the play. We’re all going to be challenged with that opportunity.”

In a lot of ways, the 40-year-old quarterback sounds like Bill Belichick, and they both set absurdly high standards for everyone in the building, which they’ve earned the right to do. So in terms of delivering a message, there’s no point in tiptoeing around it.

“When you get beat the way we got beat, I think that sat with everyone for a very long time,” Brady said. “We’re going to have to go do something about it. I mean, no one else can do it for us. We’re the only guys in the locker room. No one else is putting on the uniform. It’s only us. It’s up…

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