Police saved his life when he OD’d. He thanked them by planning to ‘blow us all …

“The containers, etc., we pulled out of the DeBary home w/ explosive devices. Many of these contain urine. But he also had all the ingredients to make bombs

– Volusia Co. Sheriff (@VolusiaSheriff) November 13, 2017″

“My adult son is drunk, he’s boisterous, he’s knocking furniture down, he’s just out of control,” Scott Langer told the 911 dispatcher, according to a recording. “There’s a whole coffee table full of 12-ounce beer cans, plus he’s probably had I’m guessing a quarter of a 1.75 liter bottle of tequila. So he’s had a lot to drink.”

But the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputies who walked through the door of the suburban home in DeBary, Florida, on Sunday were facing more than the usual drunk and disorderly conduct.

Inside the house, law enforcement turned up a stockpile of potentially explosive chemicals and devices, including a hand grenade and a booby-trapped SpongeBob SquarePants lunchbox. The items allegedly belonged Christopher S. Langer, a troubled 31-year-old whose father called 911 for help late Sunday afternoon.

Mike Chitwood, the Volusia County sheriff, told Orlando’s News 6 the seized chemicals included nitric acid and urea, substances similar to the components used in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

“That domestic violence call probably saved us from making national and international news,” Chitwood told the news station Monday. “He has all the components in there…

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