‘Punch you in the face’: Florida lawmaker's tweet on kneeling NFL players d…


A Miami-born Florida lawmaker stepped into the Twitter ring to express his distaste for national anthem protests by NFL players and was almost K.O.d by a volley of jabs that hit him from all sides at 140 characters a second.

State Rep. Julio Gonzalez, R-Venice, posted Friday, “It’s not about disrespecting you. I just wanted to raise awareness of what happens when I punch you in the face. #StandForOurAnthem.”

Within minutes, Dr. Gonzalez, a former member of the U.S. Navy Reserve, took his blows from the Twitter sphere:

“I would love to see you try. I will DM you a place, chump.”

“How about this: Come at me, bro.”

“So a friend who lives in Ft. Meyers Florida said that he will gladly drive up and satirically slap the livin’ s— …”

Gonzalez, 53, a Class of 1982 Belen Jesuit Preparatory School grad, is still standing.

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