Rebels storm Indian paramilitary camp in Kashmir, 1 killed

Rebels fighting Indian rule in Kashmir stormed a paramilitary camp outside a regional airport early Tuesday and at least one suspected militant has been killed and three soldiers injured in the attack, police said.

An unspecified number of militants attacked the heavily guarded camp in the region’s main city of Srinagar, hurling grenades and spraying automatic gunfire, said top officer S.P. Vaid. He said soldiers were responding to the militants’ gunfire.

A police officer said one suspected rebel was killed in the fighting so far. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with department policy.

The camp houses a battalion of India’s Border Security Force and only barbed wire separates it from the Srinagar airport, which is controlled and run by the Indian Air Force. The camp has previously been a notorious interrogation center where suspected rebels and their sympathizers would be detained, questioned and allegedly tortured.

Officials said the airport, which is on a plateau and encircled by military and paramilitary camps, was safe.

Residents in the neighborhood said they heard dozens of blasts and intermittent gunfire was still ongoing. Besides being a highly guarded security zone because of the location of the strategic airport, many top former bureaucrats, police officials and politicians have residences in the area.

Reinforcements of counterinsurgency police and paramilitary commandos rushed to the scene and…

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