Residents say monkeys on the loose in Ohio neighborhood


Monkeys are on the loose in one Ohio neighborhood, several residents said.

Residents of a quiet community in Lebanon said that they have spotted the monkeys sporadically in recent weeks. One resident even snapped a picture to prove she wasn’t just seeing things.

Amber lives just off of Columbus Avenue, a busy thoroughfare through Lebanon. She said she has spotted two monkeys in the area.

“There’s monkeys here. I’m not lying,” Amber said Friday, showing photos.

“You can see his arm right here and his leg right here, and his hair and his face. Like I said, this guy played music and (the monkey) was rocking back and forth to it,” Amber said.

That’s right. Dancing monkeys are in Ohio, neighbors claim.

“It was sitting there literally dancing to his music,” Amber said.

Amber is not alone. Several other people living nearby claim they have also seen the monkeys. The sightings have some people scratching their heads.

“It’s like the squirrels are even acting a little funny around here,” neighbor Chris Watson said.

“It’s un-telling what’s going to happen around here,” added neighbor Sandy Sandlin. “You never know.”

Many suspect the monkeys are someone’s pets that got loose. Some people even said the primates are a welcome sight, providing a bit of entertainment.

“As long as they’re not dangerous, I wouldn’t mind having a little one,” Sandlin said. “My kids are grown. Might as well get a monkey.”

Photos of the monkeys were taken a few weeks ago. Neighbors said they have not seen the primates since, but they can still hear them from time to time.

Lebanon police said they are aware of the situation and are investigating.



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