Riley McCoy, who has to avoid the sun, shines as she’s named Dana Hills homecomi…

She stood under the football stadium lights, in the spotlight, in the light of flashing cameras, in the light of a thousand smiles and somehow she outshined all of that.

The girl who can’t go out in the sun owned the Friday night lights.

Riley McCoy was named homecoming queen at Dana Hills High School, elected by students who showed their appreciation by chanting “RILEY, RILEY, RILEY” before and after she was crowned. Students, parents, teachers, family and friends wept as her name was called. They yelled, “You’re beautiful!” and pressed against the chain link fence to get a closer look at the girl who has to wear plastic covering made by NASA when she walks into school each day.

“Oh my God!” Riley screamed, holding a bouquet of roses and wearing a new tiara. “I’m so thankful for everything.”

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