Riverside woman who survived Las Vegas shooting feared she wouldn’t see family

Shirley Miller and her friends began to look up into the Las Vegas night sky expecting to see fireworks exploding over the stage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival when they heard a series of pops late Sunday night, but instead what they saw terrified them.

“As we looked at the Mandalay Bay, you could see the flashing that we thought were the fireworks,” Miller, 60, of Riverside said Monday from her Las Vegas hotel room. That’s when she realized someone was firing upon the crowd of 22,000 people.

“You didn’t know where it was coming from,” she said. “It was jut unbelievable. No words can describe it. I’m a pretty tough old lady, but this really opened up my eyes. We ran for a mile. We just had to be strong and keep running, and I was just thinking of my husband, and kids and grandkids back home.”

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officials, 64-year-old, Stephen Craig Paddock, of Mesquite, Nevada, opened fire on the crowd from a hotel room inside the Mandalay Bay resort. He killed himself before SWAT officers could enter his room.

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