Roseville man recounts being robbed at gunpoint in front of kids

A Roseville man was robbed at gunpoint in his garage while his two young children were strapped in the backseat of his car just feet away.

“I’m still scared. I’m still shaking,” a Roseville man, who wanted to only be identified as Robert, said. “One of the guys kicked me at the back. Then he put me on the wall while the gun is at my head.”

The robbery happened Thursday when Robert was lowering his garage door at his house on Bushy Tail street. He said a hand reached underneath from the other side, yanked the garage door back open, and a man forced himself inside.

With a gun pointed at Robert’s head, the robber made his demands.

“Where is your money? Open the door. Do you have a safe? Do you have money? I told him I don’t have any money,” Robert said shaking.

Robert had just returned home. His two kids were still in his vehicle feet away.

“I have two kids in the back, and they are crying so hard,” he said. “I was about to get my daughter on this side, and suddenly the man is already there.”

Robert said a second man was the lookout, a third man was in the getaway car, and a boy about 12-years-old collected whatever he could find that was of value.

The team of four drove off in a gray Jeep Cherokee with white stripes or tape on the lower vehicle’s molding and got away with a list of undisclosed items.

“It’s scary,” neighbor Kyle Gilmore said. “We live in a nice neighborhood like this. It’s gated. You hear about it all the time on TV, but you don’t think it’s going to happen to you.”


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