Sacramento puppies lift spirits of woman battling cancer

A woman battling brain cancer had her dream come true when her friends and family surprised her with a pile of puppies from Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter.

“This is like the best day, the best moment of my life,” Courtney said as the puppies climbed over and around her.

Courtney, 28, has been battling brain cancer for three years and is obsessed with puppies. So, her friends and family thought puppies would be the best medicine.

Every puppy at the Front Street Animal Shelter was brought to the hospital to see Courtney and give her some licks and love.

“How did you guys even think of this?” Courtney asked her friends.

“Cause this is like your dream,” her friend said.

“This is my dream,” Courtney said. “You guys, this is like better than anything.”

Courtney had no idea her friends and family would be surprising her with puppies, but started crying when she saw everyone surrounding her with the furry friends.

“I feel like I’m in a dream, I’m not kidding. I’m not joking!” Courtney said.

Keep on smiling and laughing, Courtney! And here’s to the healing power of puppies.

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