Scuba divers plunge into Loose Park pond. Why? That $3,000 engagement ring, of c…

Seth Dixon literally took the plunge last Saturday evening when, in an attempt to ask Ruth Salas to marry him on the bridge over Kansas City’s Loose Park pond, he bent on one knee and — oops! — fumbled his $3,000 diamond engagement ring.

That moment, caught on a friend’s video showing the ring bouncing twice before falling into the pond through the bridge’s wood slats, went viral and snagged headlines as far away as Australia. It has gotten nearly 7 million views and their tale became part of Jimmy Fallon’s monologue on “The Tonight Show.”

Dixon, an Uber driver from Warrensburg, Mo., couldn’t find the ring despite going into chest-deep water. Nor could about a dozen church friends who also plunged in the next day.

Early this morning, and unbeknownst to the the couple, four Kansas City scuba divers, toting wetsuits, dry suits, face masks and with single air tanks slung over their shoulders, gathered at the south end of Loose Park in the hopes of retrieving the ring for the couple.

“I saw the story and thought, ‘We can go find that,’” said Michael Brock, 60, a software engineer who has been diving since age 15 and is an instructor at The Dive Shop, 7300 West Frontage Road, Merriam, Kan. “I felt bad for the guy. We were up for a challenge.”

Kansas City parks officials granted the volunteers permission.

“The don’t want a whole lot of people down here treasure hunting,” Brock said. “Hopefully…

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