She shot her mother with a crossbow and may have hidden the body for days, polic…

Police in Palmerton, Pennsylvania arrested a woman Friday after she allegedly killed her mother with a crossbow after a fight.

Lisa Marie Caplan has been charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault resulting in the death of her 71-year-old mother, Sandra Marie Barndt, TIME reported. The two were in an argument Wednesday when Caplan allegedly shot her mother with a crossbow.

The family said they hadn’t heard from Barndt since Wednesday and sent police to check on her.

“Family members became concerned after not being able to contact the victim since Wednesday and requested police check on her welfare, at which time the victim was discovered deceased,” police said according to The Morning Call.

Jon Ostroff, an attorney, will represent Caplan until a public defender can step in, according to WFMZ. Ostroff said Caplan has a “long-standing history of severe mental illness, including chronic schizophrenia.”

“Ms. Caplan remains unable to comprehend what she has been charged with doing. If not for the failure of a broken mental health system, the death of her mother and this nightmare for her family, would not have occurred,” Ostroff told WFMZ.

Ostroff told the TV station that Caplan spent time in multiple psychiatric facilities for potentially dangerous issues. He called Caplan’s most recent release from a mental health facility a “failure of the mental health system.”

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