She was beaten and thrown off a cliff. But what happened to her child was even w…

The moment she was pushed from an 80-foot cliff in Jackson County, Jessica Durham saw two huge rocks racing up to meet her and prayed that she wouldn’t hit them.

In an interview at University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital on Wednesday, Durham said she knew she was “broken” when she woke up hours after the fall. She could feel that her pelvis was in pieces. What she did not know was that her young son, James Spoonamore, was laying dead not far away.

Lonnie Belt, 41, of McKee has since been charged with James’ murder, kidnapping, assault and evidence tampering. Police said he confessed to the attack and the killing, including some details Durham revealed.

At just 5 years old, James had viewed himself as the man of the house. He would wield a toy sword any time his stepfather was away and and tell his mother that she was safe. So, when there was a knock at the door Friday, he was the one to alert Durham.

It was some time after 9:30 a.m. when James woke her up saying, “Mommy, door,” Durham said. She almost didn’t open the door, but the person knocking was persistent. Durham’s husband, David, had left earlier for a doctor’s appointment.

The man at the door was Belt, said Durham, 29. Belt had earlier agreed to take David Durham to the doctor’s appointment.

“Lonnie told me, ‘David’s got up here and he has blacked out, passed out. He’s on the floor, we can’t get him up. Maybe if he hears your voice, we…

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