She was wearing just a gown when the hospital put her out in the cold, video sho…

A Baltimore hospital said it was investigating Wednesday after video posted online showed an apparently incapacitated woman put out in the cold wearing nothing but a hospital gown.

On Wednesday, a man who said he was a psychotherapist and a student at the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus posted a video of the woman being hustled out of the hospital by staff and left at a bus stop, her possessions strewn on the street. The woman appeared to have a wound on her forehead, and was wearing a hospital gown that was falling off. She grunted and shouted, and appeared to say at one point: “Please help me!”

The man who posted the video said it was just 30 degrees out, and challenged hospital staff.

“So y’all are just going to leave this lady out here with no clothes on?” he said in the video. “That is not okay.”

The responses of security staff are not audible in the video, but one appeared to say: “She was medically cleared.”

A spokeswoman for the hospital verified its authenticity, and said it was filmed Tuesday.

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