Some guy stole my life. Facebook said, ‘Not our problem’

Recently, I found myself looking at something very strange: a Facebook page full of pictures of myself.

This might not have been strange had I been looking at my own Facebook page. But I wasn’t. I was looking at the page of someone allegedly named “Brett Colin.”

Brett and I had a lot in common. We had taken the same vacations. We had the same children. We even had the exact same face. (Poor Brett.)

I thought it was I who rode a horse to the top of mountain in North Carolina several years ago. No, apparently that was Brett.

I thought I took my son to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game where he beamed after Mason Foster gave him his receiver’s glove. Apparently that was Brett, too.

It was pretty clear someone had lifted my personal information and photos to create a fake Facebook page. (I learned about the page after someone Brett was trying to con let me know. He’d left some of the “tags” with my real name on a few of the photos.)

So I contacted Facebook and told them about the scam — which was when my weird story got weirder. Facebook quickly let me know it understood the problem: “You reported someone for pretending to be you.”

But Facebook also said that was fine with them.

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