Some of you said Royals could be 100-loss bad again. Here’s why that’s not likel…

I recently wrote about the 2018 Royals and what might happen if none of their free agents returned to the team. As a result of that article, several readers predicted that the Royals would go back to losing 100 games in a single season.

Keeping in mind that I’ve proven myself to be spectacularly bad at predicting the future — the Internet is just a fad, right? — I think the 2018 Royals losing 100 games is unlikely.

Here’s why.


The last time the Royals lost 100 games was 2006, so let’s compare that team to the team the Royals might field in 2018.

We probably ought to get the bad news out of the way first:

You can look at a bunch of offensive numbers and draw a variety of conclusions, but ultimately the offensive number that counts is runs scored and how that number compares to the runs scored by the teams you’re playing.

In 2006 the Royals scored 757 runs, which ranked 12th in the American League; in 2017 the Royals scored 702, which ranked 13th.

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