Southern Indiana council member displays photography exhibit

It’s no secret that John Gilkey is a photographer.

The Clarksville town council member of six years, while often preoccupied with city government, is a public artist, as well.

The reason Gilkey started taking, and the reason he still takes, photos is to share them with other people, he said.

Gilkey does that through Facebook, but since retiring from the Clark-Floyd Counties Convention and Tourism Bureau three years ago, he’s started displaying his photos in exhibits.

His most recent is at the main branch of the Jeffersonville Township Public Library where his photographs debuted on Saturday in a second floor hallway gallery and will stay up until the end of January.

Libby Pollard, the library’s director, asked Gilkey to show his work after a spot opened up in the gallery, which is reserved for photography.

“This exhibit is really good because of the colors,” Pollard said. “They’re so vibrant.”

Gilkey uses Nikon cameras to take his photos. Afterward, he edits them to bring out the colors…

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