Sprint shuffles the management deck in wake of T-Mobile merger breakdown

Three Sprint executives are leaving and seven are losing their status as direct reports to CEO Marcelo Claure in a restructuring to better deal with life without a T-Mobile merger.

The moves include a literal move by Claure and his lead team of about 300 executives and other employees to a different location on the Sprint headquarters campus in Overland Park. They’re also testing new furnishings.

Claure outlined the changes in his weekly email to employees on Friday, about two weeks after Sprint ended merger talks with rival T-Mobile and vowed to spend more heavily on improving its network.

“We’re announcing a new, simpler organizational structure that will reduce management layers and bring leadership closer to the customer,” his emailed newsletter #GettingBetterEveryDay said.

Claure is reducing by seven the number of executives who report to him directly. These include chief marketing officer Roger Solé, senior vice president of sales Tracy Nolan, and area presidents Jamie Jones and Jerry Gallegos.

Nine executives now report directly to Claure, down from 16, the newsletter said.

Chief operating officer for technology Günther Ottendorfer is leaving the company, which he said in a Twitter post would come at the end of the year. He tweeted that he’s leaving “to be…

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