Teen laid to rest 10 years after disappearance

Kara Kopetsky, who was missing for 10 years, was laid to rest Saturday.

Hundreds of people turned out for her funeral; it was standing-room only.

“We know that this is not the end. Kara’s in heaven and we’re going to see her again,” Kara’s mother, Rhonda Beckford said.

“I really wish I would have got to see her grow up to become the woman I knew she could be,” Kara’s father, Michael Kopetsky said.

Kara was 17 years old when she disappeared in May 2007. Remains found in a Cass County field in April were identified as Kopetsky’s.

No charges have been filed in her death.

“This resolves the issue of the last 10 years — where’s Kara? Now we know where Kara is and she’s been found and she’s been brought home,” Beckford said.

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