Texas man who beat, stomped victim unconscious for $35 sentenced

Warning: The following content may be graphic for some audiences.

Graphic security footage released by Lufkin police in August showed a 21-year-old beating, kicking and stomping a man unconscious for $35.

The attacker, Andrea Franks-Vanzandt, recently agreed to a 20-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to the aggravated robbery seen in the video, as well as an unrelated felony charge, reports KTRE.

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The disturbing footage shows 39-year-old Richard Lee Archer digging through his wallet for cash when Franks-Vanzandt suddenly snatches it away. As the perpetrator attempts to leave the convenience store, Archer blocks his path.

No words are exchanged and a one-sided brawl ensues with Franks-Vanzandt punching, kicking and stomping the 39-year-old victim while he is on the ground.

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