The $3,500 question: Should Petland refund all costs of dog with nasty infection…

Like most puppies, Zigg just wants to show his owner some love.

But every time the Victorian bulldog tries to lick Raymore resident Brenda Douglas in the face, she jerks her head away violently. Her health depends on it.

Zigg has Campylobacter, a bacterial infection that can spread to humans through contact with dog feces. But Douglas didn’t find that out until after the Star published an article earlier this month about a nationwide outbreak of 39 human Campylobacter cases.

The outbreak included five cases in Kansas and one in Missouri, and the Centers for Disease Control had traced it to dogs purchased at Petland stores.

“I said to myself and my husband, ‘This sounds like what could possibly be going on with Zigg,’” Douglas said.

There were two clues: Douglas bought Zigg at a Petland in Overland Park on April 1. And he’s had diarrhea ever since.

“When he would poop it was slimy,” Douglas said. “… It’s always been slimy and it smells really bad.”

The Stanley Veterinary Clinic in Overland Park confirmed last Saturday that Zigg has Campylobacter. Douglas said she wants to return the dog and get a refund of the $4,000 she said she spent on Zigg and Zigg-related items.

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