The door wouldn’t open, but the cop kept trying. Then the butter knives came fly…


A police officer checking for trespassers in a vacant apartment Monday probably wasn’t expecting to run into a booby trap.

But when the senior officer from Ontario, Canada, opened the apartment’s door, that’s exactly what happened — and three knives came speeding toward him, according to CBC.

Two of the knives hit the officer, and a third flew toward him and the landlord, missing the pair and falling harmlessly to the floor, according to the Blackburn News.

However, the officer didn’t endure any severe injuries to his chest and hand, where he was hit.

And there’s a reason for that: The flying projectiles were just butter knives, according to

It’s not something that police officers regularly encounter, St. Thomas Police Const. Tanya Calvert said to CBC.

“Usually, we anticipate a dog or something along those lines,” she said. “Flying knives are not something that we’ve dealt with on a regular basis.”

The officer responded to reports of potential trespassing on 8 a.m. Monday, as a landlord suspected an evicted tenant might be sneaking into his old apartment.

At first, the…


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