The Flash recap: 'When Harry Met Harry…'

Barry Allen isn’t a superhero because he has super-speed. He’s a hero because of his strong sense of what’s right and wrong and his commitment to protecting the innocents. As we’ve seen over the past four seasons with the countless metas Team Flash has fought, that sense of justice isn’t something everyone has. No doubt, Barry’s comes from his father’s wrongful conviction and from living with Joe, a police detective. Unfortunately, Ralph didn’t grow up with Joe, and while he does have a good sense of right and wrong, he still struggles with other aspects of being a superhero.

“When Harry Met Harry” is all about Ralph learning that a superhero’s first responsibility is to protect people, not fight bad guys. Obviously, this is something that doesn’t come naturally to him, which is clear from the show’s fairly humorous opening scene, in which Ralph doesn’t seemed too fazed when he injures someone. As Barry and Ralph leave Jitters, a mugger pulls a gun on them and eventually shoots Ralph as the two of them try to come up with a plan of attack. However, Ralph’s stretchy powers send the bullet flying back at the assailant; Ralph basically shoots him. This happens once more, but Ralph doesn’t care, and it’s up to Barry to zoom this guy off to the hospital.

Ralph’s obsession with catching the bad guy — which makes sense given what he got fired for — obviously clashes with the Flash’s modus operandi when it comes time to how they handle this week’s meta: Mina Chayton, a professor-turned-activist of Sioux descent with the ability to bring inanimate objects (specifically effigies) to life. Before gaining her powers on the bus, Mina was already using violence to reclaim stolen Sioux artifacts in order to return to them to her people; however, she’s stepped up her game with her new powers, and at the top of the hour she kills a guy with a panther statue in her quest to collect the pieces of a lost bison statue. Having a meta who isn’t solely driven by revenge continues to be a breath of fresh air; however, it still feels like Mina is only a sketch of a person. She never feels fully realized throughout the entire episode.

By the time the Flash and Ralph, who’s sporting a lame-looking costume prototype Cisco made, catch up with Mina, she’s busy using an animated suit of armor to kill the owner of one of the bison pieces. The suit of armor sends Ralph flying, leaving Barry the only one standing. Barry…

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