The people of Iowa are disowning the creator of this Pop-Tarts abomination

Some things were just never meant to be placed in the human mouth.

That gum stuck under the theater seat. Creamed corn. And probably this.

Behold the Pop-Tarts and cheese sandwich.

According to Chris Jorgensen, “You ain’t from Iowa if you never had one of these.”

Jorgensen’s recent tweet, which has gone viral and scored a headline in Ireland, has people reaching for the communal barf bag. The Iowa State University sophomore, who is the visuals editor at the Iowa State Daily student newspaper, still hasn’t heard the end of it.

This tweet from ISU campus police just about sums up the public’s reaction.

Apparently this is what happens when the cupboards run bare.

Jorgensen told The Des Moines Register that one night when there wasn’t much to eat in the kitchen he decided to experiment by creating something as disgusting as the “gross foods” he’s seen on Twitter before.

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