The story behind KU’s ‘Beware of the Phog’ banner … from the men who created i…

Todd Gilmore stands in a back room at Tanner’s Bar & Grill, holding a green notebook from college that led to this reunion.

He flips open the pages to the spot. Under the “2-10” entry, fifth and sixth lines from the bottom, there’s an outlined rectangle with small words that had never been written before.

Pay Heed All Who Enter

Beware of “The Phog”

“I was bored,” Gilmore says with a laugh. “Sorry, Tom McCoy. I was bored in your class.”

Nearly 30 years later — on the night before KU’s home game against Kansas State — Gilmore is here because his mind wandered on that February day. He’s part of a group of 15 men who have traveled from South Carolina and Missouri, Kentucky and Kansas to commemorate the cloth that binds them.

Or in this case, the banner.

Three decades ago, these men gathered around shower curtains at Marvin Hall. They ate pizza, drank beer and painted furiously into the night.

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