The Weather Channel was ready for the Georgia Dome to implode. Until the bus arr…

The Weather Channel might have captured the perfect shot of the Georgia Dome imploding after 25 years of use. If it weren’t for a bus.

A Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority bus stopped right in front of the camera just as the former home of the Atlanta Falcons went up in a cloud of dust and debris, so the Weather Channel missed all but the edges of the implosion – after 40 minutes of unobstructed streaming.

The blast happened just after 7:30 a.m. Monday morning and in about 15 seconds, most of the structure had collapsed.

Someone in the video can be heard saying: “No, bus, get out the way! Bus! Jesus, get out of the way, bus! Are you…you… (unintelligible). What the f—. God d— it. D—, lady!”

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