They had one child, then twins. But the latest ultrasound made dad faint

In 2011, they welcomed the birth of their first child, Shai.

In 2015, the couple gave birth to twins, Riley and Alexander.

And in August, the Tolberts of Waldorf, Maryland, found out they are expecting triplets — news that was too much for Dad to process.

He fainted.

Robert Tolbert’s reaction to his wife’s surprise sonogram has since been circulating through cyberspace, resonating with shocked and stricken soon-to-be-parents.

“I opened the bag and I saw a very, very long sonogram,” Robert Tolbert, 31, told ABC News . “Then I saw three onesies in the bag … and they were numbered 1, 2, and 3.”

Nia Tolbert went to a routine prenatal doctor’s visit when she found out.

“When we were expecting twins, our technician that was doing the ultrasound asked if multiples ran in our family. So this time around, the technician asked the same thing and I thought, ‘Oh, we must be having twins again,’ ” Nia Tolbert, 28, told the news outlet.

But that wasn’t the case. The parents of three boys would soon welcome three baby girls.

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