They were stuck on rocks along the coast. This boy, 8, kayaked to the rescue — t…

When 8-year-old Steffan Williams saw a group of tourists stranded on rocks just off the coast, he sprang into action, kayaking toward the elderly woman and two teenagers and transporting them safely back to land.

And two days later — when he spotted two teenagers again stuck near that same stretch of coastline in New Quay, Ceredigion, Wales — he saved the day again.

Within two days, Williams, less than a decade old, likely saved five lives, according to the New York Post.

The first rescue happened on Aug. 29, when Williams hopped in his red dinghy and gave the trio of tourists a ride back to dry land, according to the Cambrian News.

“I went over and took them back, one at a time,” he said to Metro about that first rescue.

And on Sept. 1, the situation was even more dangerous — the tide was rising as two teenagers were stuck on the rocks.

Again, Williams paddled his way over, asking the teens if they were okay. They told the boy they couldn’t get off the rocks and were hungry and cold. Also, their cell phone was dead.

“I heard whistling and looked back to the beach. I looked on the rocks and saw them and paddled to the rocks,” Williams said. “They were just going back to the campsite and they got trapped by the tide.”

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