‘This poor guy’s been laying here’ Five hours after first 911 call, there’s a se…

A man found dead in a roadside ditch near Garner on Nov. 8 was alive when a caller reported seeing him there five hours earlier, according to 911 calls released Tuesday.

The man was identified as 34-year-old Kevin Edward Thomas after officials found his body by the side of Old Stage Road near the Green Spring Valley mobile home park south of Raleigh on Nov. 8.

A person who called 911 about 7 a.m. indicated the man was alive in the ditch at that time. The caller told the dispatcher they had already passed the person because “I didn’t even realize what I’d seen until I was gone.”

“There’s a pedestrian in the ditch,” the caller said. “I saw him as I was driving by. He’s moving, but moving slowly. He is in a supine position and appears to be partially clothed.”

The caller also stressed the man was not easy to locate.

“It’s hard to see, man – I’m telling you,” they said.


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