Timeline in murder case against ex-St. Louis police officer

A St. Louis judge ruled Friday that former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley is not guilty in the 2011 death of Anthony Lamar Smith. A timeline of events leading up to the ruling:

Dec. 20, 2011:

Stockley and his partner see what appears to be a drug transaction on the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant. As they seek to corner Smith, he drives away and Stockley fires seven shots at his car. Defense attorney Neil Bruntrager said the officers were nearly run over.

A two-minute chase begins. Police dashcam video captures Stockley saying, “going to kill this (expletive), don’t you know it,” in the midst of the chase. As Smith’s car slows, Stockley tells Officer Brian Bianchi to “hit him right now,” and Bianchi slams the police SUV into Smith’s car.

Stockley emerges from the SUV and fires five shots into Smith’s car, killing him. Bruntrager said Stockley fired only when Smith refused commands to put up his hands and reached along the seat toward an area where a gun was found.

But prosecutors said Stockley planted a gun. Testing found Stockley’s DNA on the gun, but not Smith’s.


December 2011:


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