Trump voters want him to tell the United Nations: America comes first

They want him to scrap the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran. They want him to bring American service members home. And they want him to stop sending money to help out other countries.

In other words, Donald Trump’s supporters want to hear the president tell world leaders this week at the United Nations that America comes first.

“We’re not the world’s policeman just because something bad is going on and we need to save the day,” said Tim Jones, former speaker of the Missouri House who now hosts a weekly, conservative radio show.

On North Korea, the topic most urgently on the agenda at the United Nation’s annual gathering, Trump voters want the president to deliver more tough talk. But they also want him to get the rest of the global community to step up and take responsibility for stopping Pyongyang from lobbing missiles at America’s allies in Asia and threatening nuclear war.

“I would love for him to go to the U.N. and actually get some other nations to actually join in as far as condemning North Korea and being more strict on them,” said Brian Bledsoe, a Dallas truck driver who served as a delegate to the GOP convention in Texas last year.

President Donald Trump speaks to the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday

Trump’s administration successfully pushed the U.N. Security Council to pass sanctions against North Korea twice in recent weeks — once after the nation carried out its sixth and largest…

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