Twitter wars over government response to Hurricane Maria

Millions of Hurricane Maria survivors are still without power in Puerto Rico, where critics have blasted the slow response from the federal government.

But President Trump has responded with a war of words on Twitter. In one tweet, he stated, “Because of fake news, my people are not getting the credit they deserve for doing a great job.”

Trump also blasted the mayor of San Juan for “poor leadership” and said she and others in Puerto Rico “are not able to get their workers to help.”

KCRA 3 political analyst Kevin Riggs reviewed the string of tweets from the president, who launched 18 tweets in a 12-hour span Saturday.

“It just strikes me that the president’s use of social media has made the situation much more divisive than it needs to be,” Riggs said.

And that divisiveness showed itself in a skit from Saturday Night Live that aired Sept. 30. In the skit, Alec Baldwin, who plays the president, is seen speaking to a character portraying the mayor of San Juan.

In the skit, the Baldwin/Trump character said, “We’re going to get more help to you immediately, probably by Tuesday or Wednesday.”

But the actress playing the San Juan mayor replied, ”Mr. President, that’s not good enough.”

The Trump character looked chagrined and said, “Well, you should pay your bills. FEMA takes a few days. Unless you join FEMA Prime”.

The audience broke out in laughter at the response, but the situation in Puerto Rico is anything but funny –- and brings to mind other hurricane disasters.

“And it really is focusing a lot of comparisons to what happened to New Orleans in 2005,” Riggs said.

Hurricane Katrina slammed into Louisiana 12 years ago. Critics accused the federal government of a slow response – and the incident proved to be a political wound for President George W. Bush.

But today, Northern Californians are eager to help the relief effort for victims of Hurricane Maria.

At a Hurricane Maria fundraiser at Lola’s Lounge in Elk Grove, all the money raised Sunday afternoon will go directly to benefit the people of Puerto Rico.

Joe Torres was busy buying food at Lola’s Sunday. “I’m here to support Puerto Rico,” he said. “The storm was devastating. I have extended family there and I really wanted to come here and give what I can.”

Organizers said they hope to raise $10,000 in hurricane relief that would help buy food, water and other necessities in Puerto Rico.

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