Two years after jail task force finished work, Frank White names a jail task for…

Almost two years to the day after a jail task force issued a report and disbanded, Jackson County Executive Frank White on Tuesday appointed another committee to study what’s wrong with the Jackson County jail and recommend whether to build a new jail or make do with the old one.

The announcement came as White is under increased pressure from the Jackson County Legislature to move forward on an issue that has grown increasingly dire and embarrassing since jumping into the headlines in the summer of 2015.

And some aren’t necessarily pleased with this move, either.

“We don’t need more studies,” Legislator Dennis Waits said Monday when White first publicly announced his plans for a new committee.

White thinks otherwise.

And less than 24 hours after that exchange, at his invitation, the news media and several members of the new jail task force — several of whom were on the last one — crowded into a small room in the basement of the downtown courthouse. There White announced that he expects a report from the group in six months, after it conducts public meetings and works with a consultant.

White also sought to dispel that notion that he is opposed to replacing the Jackson County Detention Center with a state-of-the-art facility.

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