'We stepped over the bodies': Witnesses describe Las Vegas massacre

In an unimaginable scene at a music festival Sunday night in Las Vegas, at least 50 people were killed and more than 200 injured in the deadliest shooting in U.S. history.

The suspected shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, is dead, while surviving victims and witnesses to the carnage are beginning to share their stories.

These are some of the accounts from the tragedy:

‘It just didn’t sound right’

An person in the crowd told CNN, like many at the show, said at first people believed the shots sounded like “firecrackers,” but quickly people realized they were gunshots. The witness said she could hear the shots start and stop, like the shooter was changing weapons.

“My boyfriend had me hide behind a building, because it just didn’t sound right. We hid behind the building because it just didn’t sound right. About 10 minutes later the police came and then blocked off all the streets. Just very overwhelming and very scary.”

‘One guy ended up dying in my arms’

Talking with a reporter from ABC News, a man described his friend saying “I just got hit” and was hit three times. People dived for the ground as chaos erupted. he said they hid under the stage before getting him over a fence and getting four people in his truck. They found an ambulance, but one of the victims “ending up dying in my arms, because he was bleeding.” Three more people got in the ambulance, but his friend survived.

‘We stepped over the bodies’

In an interview with CNN, media personality Storme Warren described the shooting as a “war movie”:

“We’re just trying to put into words what we just experienced, and we can’t. We
can’t come up with it, he said. “You can’t. It’s like watching a war movie that you feel
like you live through, and you were witnessing something that was fictional and
that it didn’t really happen but it did. We stepped over the bodies, we saw the
people, we saw the heart-wrenching sadness from relatives grabbing hold of their
loved ones, and you saw the chaos and the disbelief and complete stress and …
disbelief is the word. It’s the only word you can come up with.”

Truck helps mother, daughter escape, picks up wounded victims

Jenn Salazar, an Albuquerque resident, was attending the show with her daughter. She said Jason Aldean was “maybe into the third song” of his set when the shots rang out. “We didn’t think much at first” until the seriousness of the situation dawned on the crowd. She said they ran as fast as they could to the parking lot. They saw two…

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