What Amazon wants that Kansas City doesn’t have

Maybe we could offer to rename Kansas City “Amazonia.” Or better yet, “Bezosville.”

Yes, there’s something unseemly about the enticements that Amazon apparently expects from the city that will become home to Amazon’s “HQ2.”

We may not have to worry about that, having been left off nearly all the lists of those towns now seen as really in the running to be the site of the company’s second corporate headquarters.

Kansas City is not among the top 20 contenders the Brookings Institution pulled together. The New York Times analysis said Kansas City lacked the economic vitality to make it past the first cut.

We’ve lauded Mayor Sly James and other city leaders for taking their best shot at landing this e-commerce colossus. And we’ve laid out for Amazon some of the endearing qualities that could make Kansas City an appealing option. But this nationwide scramble to court Jeff Bezos and his company also is an opportunity for a reality check.

And even if we’re not on the short list, Amazon’s request for proposal is a pretty good blueprint of what we need to do to attract other businesses here.

First, infrastructure: Did we mention how important it is to get the new airport terminal built if we want to grow our economy, much less snag a corporate headquarters that plans to hire 50,000 new high-paid employees?

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