Who to help first? With hundreds hurt or dying, paramedics faced life-or-death c…

After the nightmare of bullets had ended, another horror began: Hundreds lay on the ground wounded, dozens were dead or dying and thousands had scattered amid the confusion — leaving families and friends separated and unsure about their loved ones.

When paramedics got to the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, which took place at a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday night, first responders had begun placing color-coded stickers on the bodies of all the victims to triage them.

Green was for minor injuries, and yellow was for non-life threatening injuries.

Red was for life-threatening injuries — ones that meant victims should be rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible.

And black was for the dead, or those who were soon expected to die.

“We had to take the red-tagged patients first,” Dean Weber, a 31-year-old paramedic, told People magazine. “But it’s not always that easy. People were begging me to take them because they were in so much pain.”

Many first responders who arrived at the scene had no clue how overwhelming the carnage would be.

“You can train mentally as much as you can, but until you actually face the situation, you’ll never know how you’ll respond,” first responder Damon Schilling,…

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