Why Amazon needs 3,000 workers ASAP in the Inland Empire

Amazon says it needs 3,000 extra workers in the Inland Empire to get through the holidays.

The part-time, seasonal jobs are most needed in San Bernardino and Moreno Valley, according to representatives of the online retail giant.

The hiring push is one of Amazon’s largest since building up its network of warehouses in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, with several days of on-the-spot hiring events planned this week. Amazon also is accepting walk-in candidates at its Moreno Valley recruiting office.

“This used to go on in retail stores,” economist John Husing said in a phone interview. “Now it’s happening in warehouses.”

The Inland Empire is Amazon’s shipping hub for Southern California and, according to Husing, has more than 17,000 employees here.

The company has seven Inland fulfillment centers, places where products are received, stored, picked and shipped. That number will grow to eight when a second, 1-million-square-foot center opens in Eastvale.

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