Woman flashes 40,000 fans on the Jumbotron, but she and the Cardinals are both s…


A woman flashed more than 40,000 people Wednesday night in St. Louis.

An apparent Cardinals fan, whose name is unknown, was possessed by an urge to lift her shirt and bra to celebrate her appearance on Busch Stadium’s Jumbotron, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The woman was removed from the stadium, but she was not arrested, reports the Belleville News Democrat.

The Cardinals’ Twitter feed was muted on Thursday morning after the 6-0 loss to the Cincinnati Reds, with only a mention of the team’s 12:45 p.m. game Thursday at Busch.

“The woman was ejected from the game for violating the ground rules for guests we have in place to ensure a family friendly environment here at the ballpark,” Ron Watermon, vice president of communications for the Cardinals, told the Post-Dispatch.

According to one person on Twitter who said she was at the game, the woman received a rousing response from other fans.

“Holy sh–,” tweeted Sharon Wagner, “we are at the Cardinals game tonight and some girl just flashed the camera. Crowd went nuts!”

The incident wasn’t the first lewd show to happen at Busch Stadium. A clipping republished by the Post-Dispatch reports that “Busty Heart,” a stripper, was removed from the stadium after she “pranced around the…


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