Woman using social media to find owner of lost diamond

Jennifer Patrick was in disbelief when she stepped into a float pod for a relaxing salt water soak at Float Life in Whitefish Bay.

“I felt a little pebble at the bottom of the tub. And I picked it up, and I turned the light on in the tub. And I looked at it, and it was sparkling and I realized it was a diamond!”

Patrick explains it’s just a loose stone, no ring was attached. She immediately told the owners at Float Life and decided to take matters into her own hands. She posted her story about the diamond she discovered on five different Facebook group pages.

“Somebody is missing this diamond. It might be a precious diamond to them. I wanted to find the owner.”

Patrick is being careful not to give out too many details about the stone. To avoid a false claim, she didn’t post a picture of it either.

“It is a little bit of a unique diamond, so I don’t think it’s going to end up in the wrong person’s hands or anything.”

Co-owner of Float Life, Tyler Herman, told WISN 12 News his business keeps detailed records of which rooms and float pods customers use.

“We can validate all of that before we would actually recognize the rightful owner,” Herman said.

So far, Patrick said about twenty people have come forward, wondering if that diamond is their missing stone. In some cases, she said they’ve sent pictures of their diamond, but so far, nothing is a match. She’s not giving up.

“I just think it makes the world a little bit smaller. If we can match up a loose diamond with someone who is looking for it.”

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