Yep, Donald Trump is a racist all right. Now what do we do?

The unrepentant racist who is our 45th president has never worn a Klansman’s hood — not that we know of, anyway. But, sadly, that’s what it would take for far too many Americans to acknowledge that a bigot resides in the White House.

As the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency approaches, columnists and bloggers and other pundits are gathering thoughts for their appraisals. How much damage has been unleashed by the Trump presidency? And what aspects of our government and national life have suffered the most from his carelessness and malevolence?

Race relations are at the top of that list, as the president himself confirmed with his “shithole” insult to Haiti and various Latin American and African nations. He bandied the vulgarity during bipartisan meetings on immigration reforms with members of Congress. Trump did not misspeak. Using gutter language, he merely verbalized what has long been in his heart.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” was the exact quote reported by people in the room. Some members present had suggested that immigrants from these countries deserved protections that allow them to reside in the U.S. legally when their nations have been hit with natural disasters. Trump, unimpressed by such humanitarian concerns, went on to complain that we don’t do enough to encourage more immigrants to arrive from Norway.

It isn’t difficult to read Trump’s mind. Black- and brown-skinned immigrants are bad. White immigrants from Nordic countries are good.

Yes, it’s that simple. Those of us who have black or brown skin have never been fooled. We’re just waiting for people more…

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