Your NutriBullet could blow up and severely burn and cut you, lawsuit claims

At least 22 people are suing NutriBullet in separate lawsuits claiming the blending devices exploded on them and caused serious injuries ranging from painful cuts and nerve damage to second-degree burns.

Rosa Rivera, mother of the late singer Jenni Rivera, was the latest person to file a lawsuit, according to Danny Abir, an attorney at Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo, LLP, a firm handling NutriBullet cases nationwide.

Rivera was making chili last week when her Magic Bullet combusted, the lawsuit claims. Magic Bullet and NutriBullets are both owned by the same company.

“A lot of people think these machines are exploding because people are using hot liquids in the NutriBullets, but (Rivera) was working with room-temperature ingredients that got hot as the machine was running,” Abir told McClatchy. “None of our clients in these cases were using hot liquids when the machines burst.”

Rivera was sent to the hospital after the incident with second-degree burns on her face and neck, Abir told McClatchy.

Mark Suzumoto, an attorney for NutriBullet, told Fox 11 they would investigate the claims.

“Reports of blenders, which have operated normally for years, suddenly turning cool ingredients into scalding hot mixtures after less than 20 seconds of normal operation or components unthreading during use, are perplexing and contrary to the hundreds of millions of uses by satisfied NutriBullet customers…

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