Congress Tells is a diplomatic failure of PM Modi to Indian Students Deport From US

Congress Tells is a diplomatic failure of PM Modi to Indian Students Deport From US
Congress Tells is a diplomatic failure of PM Modi to Indian Students Deport From US

On Wednesday Congress said in a virtual press conference to attacked the Center Government over the US government’s decision to deport foreign students, including Indian Students, if their courses have gone online. Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi give statement it is a “diplomatic failure”, of Prime Minister Narendra Modi should have solve these issues with his “friend” Donald Trump. He also reprimanded the Center over Kuwait’s Exot quota bill which seeks to reduce the number of foreign workers in the Gulf country and has been approved by its National Assembly Committee.

Singhvi said that the Indian government was sleeping and was protesting that Prime Minister Modi should travel to Kuwait and the US to help Indian workers and students and resolve matters with the countries concerned. Singhvi also reprimanded the government over the H1B visa issue, saying it would affect about 85,000 workers who were issued H-1B visa out of 2,25,000 applicants this year.

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“India and Indians have been insulted at the international level. Indians, who have brought name and fame to the country by their hard work, are being targeted globally and the government is doing nothing about it. PM and USA in Kuwait Should have traveled. He said that leaving everything else, demanded immediate cancellation of these policies affecting Indians.

ICE’s decision on foreign students

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a statement on Monday stating that foreign students would not be allowed to stay in the country if all their classes were transferred online. The statement reads: “Nonimmigrant F-1 and M-1 schools that are operated entirely online may not take a full online course load and may remain in the United States. The US State Department schools and Will not issue visas to students enrolling in /., Or programs that are completely online for the fall semester, nor will US Customs and Border Protection allow these students to enter the United States.

The statement said: “Students currently active in the United States enrolled in such programs must leave the country or take other measures, such as transferring a person to school with instructions to remain in legal status. If No, they may face immigration consequences. Including, but not limited to, initiation of removal of proceedings. “



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