Princess Diana’s Birth Anniversary: Top 5 Movies of Princess Diana That One Must Watch

Princess Diana's Birth Anniversary Top 5 Movies of Princess Diana That One Must Watch
Princess Diana's Birth Anniversary Top 5 Movies of Princess Diana That One Must Watch

Diana was a member of the Princess of Wales British Royal Family. She was married to Prince Charles of Wales. Born on 1 July 1961, she was one of the most loved figures of the British royal family. It is said that she was the clear heir to the British throne. Prince William and Harry are the sons of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Over the years, a lot of movies and shows have been made on the life of Princess Diana. Here is a list of films that one can see on Princess Diana’s birth anniversary.

Top 5 Movies of Princess Diana

Diana (2013)

British-Australian actor Naomi Watts was role playing in this movies as a Princess Diana, of Wales, in the 2013 Movies name is Diana. His portrayal of the character was well-liked by fans. In this film, the princess is the story of Diana and the last two years of her life. The film explores Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and his secret love affair with an Egyptian citizen named Dodi Al Fayad.

Diana: Last Days of a Princess

Genevieve O’Reilly was seen as a Diana in the movie titled Diana: Last Days of a Princess. This movie was a television film that aired in the USA for the first time in 2007 and since then the film has been variously released through various broadcasters. The movie is a interviews series and a dramatic recreation of the last week of the Princess of Wales. The Movie was directed by Richard Dale.

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Diana: Her True Story 

Diana: Her True Story is a 1993 television film which featured the story of Princess Diana of Wales. The film was based on the publication of the same name by Andrew Morton. The Kevin Conor was a movie director and Serena Scott Thomas role play as Princess Diana and David Threeluff as Prince Charles.

The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana (1982)

The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana was a TV film that was a dramatic version of how the romance between Prince Charles and Princess Diana and their July 1981 marriage took place. Catherine Oxberg starred in the film as Princess Diana and David Robb as Prince Charles. Take a look at a clip of the film here.

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Diana: A Tribute To The People’s Princess (1998)

Diana: The Tribute to the People’s Princess was a tribute film released a year after the princess’ death. The film did not receive much attention as it was considered distasteful. The film stars Amy Sikcombe as Diana. Also George Jacos was seen as Dodi Al Fayad and Rory Jennings as Prince Harry and Freddy Sayers as Prince William.


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