Steve Waugh Reveals Behind His Decision’ Of Dropping Shane Warne In 1999

Steve Waugh Reveals Behind His Decision' Of Dropping Shane Warne In 1999
Steve Waugh Reveals Behind His Decision' Of Dropping Shane Warne In 1999

A successful and former Australian skipper Steve Waugh, very experienced spinner Shane Warne, never got along. The tension between the two was often seen in verbally fighting. This came to the fore when Shane Warne was dropped in 1999 by the skipper in the final (4th match) of the ongoing series with the West Indies.

Talking to a TV channel Sky Sports, Waugh said that he explained his measured consequences behind the call to drop Shane Warne. Waugh also said that the decisions taken by a captain during the first Windies tour were many such difficult Decisions had to be taken and everyone had to be happy with the decisions, which he had got a responsibility. Waugh told Sky Sports “I always wanted to be loyal to my players, but at the end of the day you will be loyal to the team and their performance.”

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The Australian captain explained the reason behind dropping the Warne had undergone shoulder surgery and was selected in team too quickly without any rest. Earlier in the match, Warne and Stuart McGill played together, in which the decision to drop Shane Warne was due to a clash between the Windies and the Spinners, including legend Brian Lara.

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On this, I did not take any kind of advice from any other team player because I believe that if you are a captain, then you should not take advice from others, then you will get confused. The 1999 ODI World Cup winning captain said, making such decisions is not easy. Eventually, Australia won the Test by 176 runs and the series ended 2–2. However, Waugh also pointed out that sometimes it is necessary to trust his instinct, not by popular decision. The captain said, “If we had lost the Test, I would have had my head on the chopping blocks.”

The former Australian captain further stated that in a way, he was trying to protect Warne, loose his best form, saying that it was a ‘right decision’ and that apparently Warne had it in that way. Did not see, but the Australians had lost the test, it would not be good for anyone.



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