Toyota Corolla sedan-based Cross SUV debut in Thailand

Toyota Corolla sedan-based Cross SUV debut in Thailand
Toyota Corolla sedan-based Cross SUV debut in Thailand

Bangkok: Toyota Motor has launched the new Corolla Cross in Thailand. The global SUV premiered on Thursday. The Corolla Cross will land in other markets soon.

The new SUV comes with a hybrid and gasoline engine. This SUV available in four variants, Hybrid Premium, Hybrid Premium Safety, Hybrid Smart and 1.8 Sport (Gasoline Engine) priced at 989,000 THB (Rs 23 Lakh), 1,019,000 THB (24 Lakh) Rs), 1,089,000 THB (26 Lakh) and 1,199,000 THB (Rs 28 Lakh) respectively.

The Cross is an addition to the SUV segment developed under the concept of ‘compact yet comfortable’ and ‘Dignity Urban Vogue’.

The Corolla Cross is based on the Corolla sedan, and therefore the QDR claims to offer quality, durability and reliability.

This SUV has been developed externally to convey a sense of sportiness, agility and robustness, while the interior stands for spacious rooms, comfort, adjustable luggage capacity and a quiet cabin.

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The new Corolla Cross comes with a 1.8-inch hybrid engine with a 4G generation hybrid system, with an fuel average of 23.3 kilometers per liter. On the other hand, for gasoline engines, the average is 15.4 kilometers per liter.

 Returned to Japan in 1966, the Corolla is the best-selling Toyota vehicle in the world. The Corolla series has become a best-seller, with cumulative sales of approximately 48 million cars in about 150 countries worldwide.

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 “Now that Corolla Cross has joined the new family, we sincerely hope that our customers warmly welcome the vehicle to be a part of their families: like their partners, siblings or friends. We want Corolla Cross can help create a new story for customers by loading on their vehicle what matters to them, goods, and dreams for the future,” said Daiyo Kaimayama, chief engineer in charge of development.



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