Vikas Dubey Arrested At Mahakal In Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain After Kanpur Encounter Manhunt

Vikas Dubey Arrested At Mahakal In Madhya Pradesh's Ujjain After Kanpur Encounter Manhunt
Vikas Dubey Arrested At Mahakal In Madhya Pradesh's Ujjain After Kanpur Encounter Manhunt

Desired gangster Vikas Dubey in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, was severely disbanded on Thursday morning. He was arrested 6 days after Dubey and his associates opened fire on UP policemen and injured 8 people. 6. UP Police sources have informed that they will be produced in the court on Thursday afternoon at 12.30 pm, after which the process of transferring the case to the UP Police will begin.

Sources said Vikas Dubey was spotted in Ujjain’s Mahakal, when the police identified him and arrested him. He reportedly paid Rs 250 for a ticket to enter the temple. He is currently in custody. Soon after his arrest, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath spoke to Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan and urged him to ensure the safe and speedy transfer of the culprit. Sources also said that the DGP of the states will coordinate this process. Meanwhile, the CM of Madhya Pradesh also congratulated the MP police for arresting the gangster.

Vikas Dubey’s manhunt covered at least 6 states, including UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi, which included at least 100 police teams. There were reports that he was spotted in Faridabad and intended to surrender to Noida; However, he eventually appeared in Ujjain, where he allegedly visited the famous Mahakal temple.

Kanpur encounter and manhunt for Vikas Dubey

A police team intended to arrest Vikas Dubey, a history sheeter facing 60 criminal cases in Bikaru village under Choubeepur police station on the night of 2 July. a building. This led to the death of Deputy Superintendent of Police Devendra Mishra, three sub-inspectors, and 4 constables. Many other people were injured in this incident. While two criminals were killed in the encounter, Vikas Dubey and his other accomplices managed to escape from the spot.

Vikas Dubey’s escape and ensuing manhunt had consumed the Uttar Pradesh police, who searched the borders for gangsters across several states and borders, even as the political blame-game was played over their alleged links. The BJP has warned that action will be taken against whichever leaders are associated, no matter who they are. Four policemen have also been arrested in the case. Some of them were part of the contingent that had been attacked, with Dubey reportedly well removed before the police were in his way. On June 4, Kanpur SHO Vinay Tiwari was suspended for negligence in duty. A police team found some policemen along with Kanpur SHO Vinay Tiwari one of the call details associated with Dubey. Dubey’s house was also demolished. The reward was continuously increased on Vikas Dubey, eventually Rs 2.5 lakh.

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Republic TV on Monday gave information about how Dubey and his colleagues attacked the police. Sources quoted Vikas Dubey’s aide Daya Shankar Agnihotri as saying that he received the information of the raid at least 5 hours before the police arrived. After the incident, in more than 40 cases, the culprit left the village on a bike and later fled in a van, the sources said.


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